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Storm brings water into Seattle home

This homeowner in South Seattle awoke to standing water in their home. The storm that blew in overnight brought heavy rains which made its way into the first fl... READ MORE

Storm damage needing immediate attention

Storms bring with them massive amounts of water and in some cases high winds. Strong winds have the potential to bring down trees and powerlines. The possibilit... READ MORE

Supply line to washing machine bursts in West Seattle

Washing machines are modern marvels, but when the connections malfunction it can mean major damage to your home. This machine's supply line burst and sent water... READ MORE

We can and will properly dry your business

After a water loss in this business, the flooring and content suffered from significant water damage. SERVPRO of South/ West Seattle quickly responded and begin... READ MORE

Water damage in Seattle home requires demo

The sink in this bathroom was leaking for quite a while before the homeowner noticed the black spots growing on the back wall under the sink. They called us out... READ MORE

Commercial water damage in South Seattle

Water can spread quickly throughout your business after a pipe breaks. You need the commercial loss professionals at SERVPRO of South/West Seattle. In this Seat... READ MORE

Leave the restoration of your home to the professionals

When a disaster occurs in your Seattle, WA home, be sure you know who can help. When this homeowner came home to from a short business trip, this is what they w... READ MORE

Stairway Storm Damage

Drying is an essential part of the storm damage restoration process. Drying out wet materials plays a major role in preventing secondary damage. Secondary damag... READ MORE

Water Damage Paneling

If a pipe breaks in your home or business, it is important to give us a call right away. A tiny crack in a pipe can release gallons of water a day. Don't wait t... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Loss

Water damage can leave your belongings soaking wet and sometimes bacteria ridden. When water damage occurs, SERVPRO collects all damaged materials to be cleaned... READ MORE