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Stopping Water in Its Tracks When It Rains | SERVPRO of West Seattle and Burien

3/22/2024 (Permalink)

Rainwater drains off the roof. Rainwater can be more damaging to your home than you can imagine. That’s why SERVPRO of West Seattle and Burien is quick to restore. Call us now!

If we know anything about the Seattle community, it’s that we see our fair share of rainy and gloomy days. While we all can appreciate them from time to time, these days can quickly turn south if you discover that a rainwater leak has happened in your home and is quickly causing chaos. 

While it can be impossible to completely prevent water leaks, there are things you can do around your home to reduce your risk of suffering from one when it does rain. Check out these simple tasks that you can do regularly to significantly reduce your risk for water damage. 

Getting Your Home Ready
One of the best ways to prevent water damage when it rains is to make sure the rain that does fall has a place to go that is far away from your home. Your gutter system plays a huge part in this, but only when it is free of clogs and blockages. Make sure that your gutter system is cleaned regularly and that your downspouts are installed and pointed away from your home.

You should also check on your sump pump to make sure it is working from time to time and have it professionally inspected every year. The worst time to learn that it isn’t working is when you need it most! 

Finally, take the time to go around your home and make sure windows and doors are completely shut before it rains. A single open window can lead to soaked walls and carpet that eventually could lead to mold growth. 

Up on the Roof 

Your roof is an integral part of your home, especially when severe weather or even a simple rainstorm comes to town. Any sort of damage done to it can have a big impact on your attic and the rest of your home. 

A single small water leak can invite rain into your attic that will leak and seep throughout the rest of your home. Oftentimes, leaks that start in the attic aren’t noticed until the damage has become more severe. 

Get on your roof regularly to check for signs of damage, especially after a strong storm. Missing or broken shingles, dented vents or structural damage should all be addressed right away to reduce your risk of suffering water damage.

Steps for Overcoming Water Damage 

Even if you are prepared and patiently wait out storm after storm, water has a mind of its own and can cause serious problems for your home over time. If leaks aren’t addressed quickly, it can lead to mold growth or structural integrity problems that can be really costly to overcome.

If you do suffer water damage or discover that your roof is leaking during the next rainstorm, call SERVPRO of West Seattle and Burien right away.

Our talented water damage restoration team will make sure your home is dried completely and the leak is fixed promptly. 

We can also address any repairs needed at this time, as water can warp wood, ruin drywall and compromise your carpet. We will help you overcome any sort of water damage scenario!

Water leaks are no match for SERVPRO of West Seattle and Burien. Call us today.

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